Can't Swim? Want to improve? Not a problem! The Warm Springs Cabana Club is pleased to offer summer swim lessons for all ages and levels. Lessons are taught by certified, experienced swimmers in the mornings and evenings from June - August. We teach water safety as well as encourage a fun swimming experience and prepare for swim team readiness. Group lessons are available for children and teenagers, and private lessons are available for all ages. For private lessons, please click on the link for the Private Lessons Form.


See April 2017 Newslatter for complete details. Next sign-up dates:

Tuesday May 16 from 5PM-7PM (Cabana Club members ONLY for the first hour)

Saturday May 27 from 10AM-12PM (Cabana Club members ONLY for the first hour)

Sunday June 4 from 1PM-3PM (Cabana Club members ONLY for the first hour)

Sunday June 11 from 4PM-6PM (Cabana Club members ONLY for the first hour)

Additional sign ups are last two days of each session or via email any time. For more information email: Head Swim Instructor

COST: Group prices are remaining the same as last year's!

Members $100 per session
Non-Members: $130 per session

Levels 1-2: Tiny Tots/Beginner 3:1 ratio
Levels 3-4: Intermediate 4:1 ratio
Levels 5-6: Advanced 5:1 ratio
Level 7: Endurance 8:1 ratio

Swim Levels Summary


Session 1: June 19 - June 29
Session 2: July 5 - July 13 (cost is prorated)
Session 3: July 17 - July 27
Session 4: July 31 - Aug 10
Session 5: Aug 14 - Aug 24

Sessions are 8 lessons: Monday - Thursday for a two week period. Each lesson is 25 minutes.

Schedule - Morning Lessons (Subject to Change)
10:00 am — Level Availability Varies
10:30 am — Level Availability Varies
11:00 am — Level Availability Varies
11:30 am — Level Availability Varies
12:00 pm — Level Availability Varies
12:30 pm — Level Availability Varies

Schedule - Evening Lessons (Subject to Change)
4:00 pm — Level Availability Varies
4:30 pm — Level Availability Varies
5:00 pm — Level Availability Varies
5:30 pm — Level Availability Varies

Request for Private Swim Lessons Form

Swim Levels Summary

Swim Lesson Agreement Form


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